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London-based illustrator and artist Martin Tomsky turns the dancing line of the pen into dynamic sculpture with his multi-layered woodcuts. See more on Hi-Fructose.


Hand Lettering
by Martin Schmetzer


Creepy Type 2

This ‘oral alphabet’ must surely be a counterpart to the fleshy type I posted about a few months ago.

The toothy type has been created by Japanese designer Takayuki Ogawa who was inspired by the the mouth’s ability to express such a wide range of emotions by itself. This is clearly demonstrated in the many emoticons that use the mouth to describe the key emotion—  :) :D :p. :/ —etc.

Brilliantly executed, they have been made from stone powder clay, acrylic paint, varnish, wood and iron, though, you might think twice before using them on that wedding invite…


Allison Stanley, Illustrations.

Infinitely detailed illustrations by Allison Stanley who lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.  Check out more of her ink drawings below!

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by Joey Ellis


Chill Inducing Work by Tenia.

Italian artist Tenia creates chill inducing, mysterious and magical works of art.  Check out more below!

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Zootopia seeks to break down barriers between humans and animals
Zoos traditionally hold animals in distinct enclosures into which visitors can peer. Newly unveiled designs for Givskud Zoo in Denmark, however, look to shake up this model. Zootopia will feature open landscapes for the animals into which visitor viewing points and routes will be built in a way that minimizes conspicuous barriers. The Zootopia concept was conceived about five years ago in a workshop amongst Givskud Zoo staff, with help from design and conceptual agencies. Architectural work begun about two years ago and has been carried out by Big Architects. The zoo has three areas representing Asia, Africa and America set within 120 ha (1.2 sq km) of land. Its design seeks to minimize the number of conspicuous barriers between animals and visitors. Visitors to Zootopia will be able to move between the three different zones using a network of walking and cycling trails. (via Zootopia seeks to break down barriers between humans and animals)